Training Details

Course Outline Module 1

This module provides an overview of the WinCC Flexible software and hardware terminals, an HMI product line developed by Siemens. It begins with an introduction of the software, teaching the student to launch, navigate, create and make use of the help files. Students will get to know the application, gather data, plan the tag database and design graphic screens, plan alarms and gain information that is required to operate the system. To conclude the module, the student will be able to create and configure new graphic displays and be able to navigate between windows.

  • Introduction
  • Software Overview
  • The Application
  • Creating a Project
  • Tags
  • Screens - Simple Objects
Module 2

This module begins with the student learning about the Enhanced Screen objects such as Sliders, Gauges and Trends, and then incorporating them into an operator screen to control and monitor a PID loop running in the processor. As the module progresses, students will also learn how to use such WinCC Flexible utilities as the Status-Force Monitor, System Screens, Alarming and Security. The module concludes with students transferring their completed application to a Siemens MP Panel for testing.

  • Enhanced Screen Objects
  • Status - Force Display
  • Alarms
  • Multiplex Tags
  • System Screens
  • Transferring the Application
  • Security