Training Details

Course Outline Module 1

This module begins with overview of the S7-1200 hardware family whereby the student will identify the components, learn the terminology and identify the software required to troubleshoot and make edits. Next, the student will become familiar with the basic structure and features of Step 7 TIA version 12 followed by wiring. The student will learn how to create and manage a project. The student will locate and interpret hardware settings and modify hardware configuration settings in the CPU properties. The module concludes with the student being be able to download a TIA application to a CPU.

  • System Overview
  • Software Introduction
  • Wiring
  • Creating a Project
  • Project Management
  • CPU Configuration
  • Downloading
Module 2

This module begins with an introduction of Memory and the Memory Layout. Next, Data Blocks are covered whereby the student will modify, create and explain the differences. The student will use an existing watch table to monitor CPU data as well as, create and modify one. The module concludes with Bit Level Instructions.

  • Memory Introduction
  • Memory Layout
  • Data Blocks
  • Watch Table
  • Bit Level Instructions
Module 3

This module covers the memory requirements, instructions, differences, operations and troubleshooting of counters and timers. To conclude the module, the student will interpret ladder programs, troubleshoot, edit and create using math instructions.

  • Counters
  • Timers
  • Math
Module 4

This module begins with learning to identify, troubleshoot, modify and create using compare instructions. Next the FC and FB Blocks are covered followed by troubleshooting.

  • Compare Instructions
  • FC and FB Blocks
  • Troubleshooting