Instrumentation System Engineering & Design Services

Our Instrumentation System Engineering & Design Services team offers you to develop, maintain and manage the instruments and instrumentation System with the goal of improving high level Productivity, Optimization, Stability, Reliability along with required Safety standards by designing and selecting the suitable instruments for the plant like Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas etc. where accuracy means a lot.

Our team is responsible to fulfill the Client requirements by considering the following things:

  • Design and develop control systems
  • Maintain the existing control systems
  • Manage the control systems
  • Collaborate with design engineers, purchasers and other staff members involved in the production processes
  • Manage the projects within the given restraints including cost and time
  • Troubleshoot
  • Ensure that quality standards are maintained
  • Provide the consultancy support
  • Help the companies in understanding which systems are the best suitable for either plant upgrade or new installations