Electrical Startup and Comissioning Services

Our Electrical Startup & Commissioning team helps you to deal with multi vendors and equipment supplier from all over the world during the commissioning activities by our local expertise in electrical, instrumentations, controls and automation systems and a perfect integration among them.

Our services especially in this area will help you to minimize any glitch in the system and reduce downtime to recover the system. Our project management experience helps you to build your backup library with the coordination of all vendors for the future use, in order to give you full dependency for your systems.

Our Electrical Startup & Commissioning Services can verify that the equipment has been properly installed and its function complies with the purchase specifications and design.

Our goal in commissioning is to try and find any omissions or errors that may have been overlooked during the construction phase and also confirm the installed equipment meets factory standards and passes our performance tests so you can minimize downtime delays in the future.

Our documentation package includes:

Instrument index fully documented and linked by tag number including

  • Instrument Location Drawings
  • P & ID’s
  • Conduit Schedules
  • Cable Schedules
  • Installation Details
  • Data sheets
  • Loop Test Acceptance Form
  • Any Other Required Drawings
  • Traceability

This complete data package aids the customer’s maintenance department by reducing downtime and increasing the reliability of the overall instrumentation control and electrical system. A fully documented system allows for fast trouble shooting, quick replacements.